Call to join the 'Spanish revolution’ climbs YouTube charts: viral video spotlight

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People are being urged to join what has become known as the 'Spanish Revolution' through a YouTube video which has gone viral attracting nearly 300,000 views in three days.

The video, titled " #SpanishRevolution" is in support of the protests currently taking place in Spain and calls for people to join the movement.

The use of the hashtag (#) in the title of the video is a reference to micro-blogging site Twitter where the symbol is used to link common threads of content together; as in other uprisings this year, Twitter has been used heavily by the protesters to organize events.

The protest, which is independent of any political party, appears to be widely supported by the young people in Spain who are worried about employment opportunities in their country and the economic pressures caused by the economic crisis.

According to BBC news reports, protests in support of the Spanish Revolution are currently taking place in around 57 Spanish cities, after the movement began on May 15. The protesters defied orders to disperse ahead of Spain's local elections on Sunday, May 22.

The viral video which, as of 1:45pm GMT May 23 has 294,806 views, borrows heavily from  Apple's " Think Different" TV campaign  of 1997 in which iconic figures of the 20th century were praised for thinking outside the box and trying to change the world.

The two videos begin with the same "Here's to the crazy ones ..." speech and the "#SpanishRevolution" video features a montage of protesters and key players in the events with Apple's words, subtitled in Spanish, and praise for their efforts before ending with the text "join the #SpanishRevolution."

As of May 23 the video ranks seventh in YouTube's ‘most watched today' chart.

The full video is available to watch at: .

Apple's "Think Different" campaign can be viewed at: