Capcom brings collectible bounty to Tokyo Game Show

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Collectors of cute trinkets rejoice, for Capcom has made further announcements regarding the goodies on sale at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show (TGS), September 16-19, much of which is in support of the popular Monster Hunter series and the new PSP game Monster Hunter Portable 3, to be released in Japan on December 1.

Many games in the series were released for a Japanese audience only, though the first Monster Hunter and PSP counterparts Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Freedom 2 were both granted international releases.

Predominantly seen on the PlayStation 2 and handheld PSP, the series has also been spotted on Nintendo Wii ( Monster Hunter Tri) and both Windows PCs and Xbox 360s ( Monster Hunter Frontier) but has yet to make it onto Nintendo's PSP rival, the DS.

Along with t-shirts, postcards and jackets, other Monster Hunter loot includes keychain charm mascots, diaries, plush toys, towels, cushions, and ornaments. The home furnishings range in price from ¥1,050 to ¥2,625 (€10-€25), keychain mascots fetch ¥800 (€7.5), while branded clothing will go for ¥2,993-5,880 (€28-€55).

The Tokyo Game Show is the last big video game expo of the year, with Japanese giants Sony, Capcom, Konami and Square Enix bringing plenty of merchandise and the North American Microsoft presenting the opening keynote.

On September 18 and 19, the show floor opens up to the public, with tickets available for ¥1,200 (€11.03) on the day or ¥1,000 (€9.19) in advance. Children are admitted free of charge.

As is now customary, Nintendo prefers to hold its own Japanese press event shortly after TGS, this year choosing September 29 to announce release and price details for the new 3DS handheld console.

Capcom has its own TGS site coverage at