Cartoon HD app offline

IIllegal app offering hundreds of movies and TV shows for free on iPhones and iPads taken offline this week to the distress of fans online

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A popular piracy app for iOS devices has been taken offline leaving fans venting their displeasure over Twitter.

Cartoon HD – which offered access to hundreds of high definition movies and TV shows for no cost on iPhones and iPads – has confirmed that it is offline, tweeting “Sorry! Cartoon HD is closed” on Thursday.

The app first appeared in the App Store in late 2013 where it sold for £20 – an expensive price tag when compared to the dozens of free piracy sites online, but perhaps worth it for offering the same content, conveniently, on users’ smartphones.

It was removed in January 2014 but became downloadable again, this time for free, from online sites including

The app no longer appears in iTunes and has been taken offline. The site previously boasted that it offered “over 4000 shows & movies provided by our partner”, the ambiguous language laving users the option of turning a blind eye to the obviously illegal nature of the app.

Meanwhile users have been tweeting their dismay, with messages posted on the social media site including "I can't sleep & cartoon hd can't even help me out" and "My cartoon HD isn't working and I'm worried my life will spiral into nothing".