Cat lovers of the world unite and take co-ordinates


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Do you love maps? Do you love cats? If so, check out the Zoological Society of London’s latest promotional wheeze, which combines the two. Catography, if you will. The idea is that in the run up to the opening of London Zoo’s new Tiger Territory area (a £3.6m enclosure where endangered  Sumatran tigers will be living) on the 22 March, cat fans can add the location and name of their moggy to an interactive map of the world.

The zoo wants to “chart each and every cat in London” but there are already some foreign felines trotting across the continents (the Americans have already been planting their furry flags).

You are meant to add photos and mini mog biogs, and can search for cats under name, colour or location. There’s even a pie chart to show the different ratios of  cat colour.

Alas, when I logged on to try and put my cat Onion on the map, it was having teething troubles. I spotted some world-class kitties, but a catastrophe (sorry) happened when I tried to upload Onion’s vital statistics and mug shot, and it kept crashing. So my cat just ain’t on the map. The Cat Map a great idea in theory, but in reality is quite hard to manage and has a mind of its own, but I suppose that anyone used to herding their own cats will be used to being constantly frustrated. Try it for yourself at