YouTube users are well known for their fondness of cat videos and the latest one to goes viral features a feline with a very unusual walk.  


The video ??? ????, which translates loosely as 'Cat gone,' shows a seemingly normal cat sitting on the floor opposite the camera. Spooked by the camera, the cat then goes to investigate, leaping upwards off the floor and walking towards the camera on its hind legs.

Since being uploaded on July 31 the video has been viewed over 680,000 times and received over 8,000 likes.

As of August 2 the video was the fourth most shared in the USA, sixth most shared in the UK and the second most shared video in Australia, where a remixed version titled Thriller Cat...wait for it is also trending.

Statistics show that the original version is most viewed by men aged 25-54 living in North America, Russia, Australia and Japan.

??? ???? -

Thriller Cat...wait for it -