CES 2014: Smart toothbrushes, full-body gaming, and gadgets to watch you sleep

The annual electronics fair has kicked off once again with all the oddities a geek could wish for; see below for pictures of some of the best gadgets so far

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The Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) is probably the biggest event in the technology calendar, giving companies from around the world the chance to show off their latest wares to (sometimes) eager and (sometimes) bored journalists.

Perhaps because the larger companies tend to organise their own events to announce new products, CES has become the domain of the hustlers and the dreamers, with this year’s proceedings stuffed full of small companies and never-before-seen gadgets.

Wearable and connected devices are major trends this year, although more traditional fare (larger and larger TVs; new phones and tablets) will also be present. However, some of the weirder gadgets on display may never see the light of day after this mayfly-like jaunt in the spotlight, so let’s have a look at some of the most interesting technology so far:

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