Chrome Web Store top paid apps: LockMaster, Wordico

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A look at the top paid applications in the Chrome Web Store as recorded on December 13.

Designed for younger audiences, LockMaster is a basic 'crack the safe' guessing game where players attempt to decipher a four digit code.
Price: $1.99

Wordico is an interactive crossword-themed game for the web. Users can match their word prowess against multiple friends on multiple puzzles at the same time in this Scrabble-like game. 17 different game boards and user customizable tile options help to keep the game fresh time after time.
Price: $4.99 per year

Real Solitaire
Real Solitaire replicates the original Windows-like Klondike / Patience desktop card game experience in the web browser. It includes all the usual features such as draw 1 or 3 cards, auto move cards by double clicking on them and unlimited undo, plus it can be played offline.
Price: $1.99

Animals Matching
Animals Matching is a memory game that will appeal to kids aged from 3 to 7. Players try to find matching cards, flipping over two at a time to reveal the animals hidden beneath.
Price: $1.99

BrainPOP Featured Movies

BrainPOP Featured Movies combines animated educational movies and quizzes to help your children learn about historical figures, important milestones, science facts and the significance of different holidays.
Price: $1.99 per month