Consumers say in-store 3D experience more amazing than in cinemas

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Consumers say they are being blown away by in-store 3D TV demos, more so than when they go to the cinema to view a film in 3D.

"Since high-quality digital 3D has been available in the theaters for a few years now, consumers have come to expect impressive effects that are worth the price of admission," said Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis for The NPD Group, "However, 3D TVs are relatively new and those viewing a demo don't have to pay for the privilege, resulting in lower expectations that the sets are often exceeding."

It seems like great news for 3D TV manufacturers and consumer electronics retail stores however, that 'wow' feeling consumers are experiencing doesn't necessarily translate to in-store sales.

An additional study conducted by the International 3D Society and published on Home Media Magazine on October 27 reveals that almost 60 percent of all adults in the US are yet to watch a 3D film.

Most adults in the US (54 percent) expect 3D TV to be better than its HDTV counterpart, however, those potential 3D TV customers appear to be waiting for price drops and additional 3D content to arrive before jumping on the trend.