A look at the most-viewed sites on website discovery service StumbleUpon, recorded on April 22.

1. iOS devices secretly log and retain record of every place you go
iPhones and iPads store comprehensive data about users' whereabouts. The user's latitude and longitude is stored in the device along with a timestamp and is reportedly "easily discoverable."

2. Cream Cheese - Deodorant Prank
A prank where a stick deodorant is filled with carefully shaped cream cheese and left for the unsuspecting user.

3. 20 Reasons To Be Excited About Skyrim | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
An article about the next edition of the Elder Scrolls video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

4. Rasta Science Teacher | quickmeme

Photos of a "Rasta science teacher" with sayings like "let's get high...grades on the exam next week" and "time for a joint...meeting with the dean and faculty" plastered on them.

5. 11 Creative Examples of Exes Getting Revenge

Stories about some of the creative ways in which exes have gotten revenge on their former lovers.