Current Google Insights trends : Hurricane Earl, US Open, Zara

The term 'hurricane earl 'was the most searched for topic on Google over the past seven days on the morning of September 6.

Hurricane Earl which has been battering the eastern American seaboard which has since weakened to a tropical storm continues to cause havoc and disrupt thousands of people's lives. The hurricane also made US site the fifth most searched for term this week.

International tennis competition the US Open was the second most popular search result, the 122 year old tournament held in New York runs from August 30 to September 12.

 "Fiba" was fourth most searched for item, referring to the current FIBA world basketball championships. The tournament is now at the knockout stage and USA v Angola is one of the matches being streamed on September 6 to determine who will join other qualifiers including Spain and Turkey in the finals.  

High street fashion retailer Zara was the seventh most searched for term this week. In early September the company announced the launch of its online retail outlet; The clothing retailer has previously sold a selection of its clothes online but has announced that its new online store will stock products that were previously only available in the shops.

French employment sit 'pole emploi' remained in the top ten searched for terms this week, rising two places in the Google insight trends since August 30. The term is most likely related to those deciding to look for employment rather than return to academic studies at the beginning of the new school term.

Multi-lingual Italian site pagine bianche was the ninth most searched for term, the site allows users to search for people or companies within Italy; the site even allows users to search for the tax codes of others.

Apple's fall press conference and the unveiling of  new music centered social network, 'Apple iTunes Ping' made the company the ten most popular search term this week.

The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide in the last seven days as measured by Google Insights, recorded on September 6 at 10:30 AM GMT are:

1.       hurricane earl (+3,750%)

2.       us open (+400%)

3.       facebook en espanol (+150%)

4.       fiba (+120%)

5. (+70%)

6.       pole emploi  (+60%)

7.       zara (+60%)

8.       la caixa(+50%)

9.       pagine bianche (+50%)

10.   apple (+40%)