The American holiday of Thanksgiving, " meteo" - the French term for weather - and Turkish classified site Sahibinden were amongst this week's top Google Insights trends.

This week's Google Insights trends are dominated by the American holiday of Thanksgiving, which was on Thursday 25, and the Friday after, known as "Black Friday," which marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. On this Friday shops traditionally sell goods at heavily discounted prices which probably accounts for the presence of department stores Best Buy, Target and Walmart in this week's top ten trends.

Following earlier than usual snowfall in parts of Northern France, the term " meteo" (weather) was also a popular search term as was Turkish e-learning site "e okul." The tenth most popular term, "sahibinden," refers to the Turkish classifieds and shopping site Via this site internet users can sell a broad variety of goods including real estate and cars as well as offer professional services such as "computer maintenance" or  even "funeral affairs"; the site is available in English and Turkish.

The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide in the last seven days as measured by Google Insights, recorded on November 29 at 9:30 AM GMT, are:

1.       black friday (+200%)
2.       thanksgiving (+150%)
3.       black friday 2010 (+110%)
4.       best buy (+100%)
5.       e okul (+90%)
6.       meteo (+70%)
7.       sears (+60%)
8.       target (+60%)
9.       walmart (+60%)
10.     sahibinden (+50%)