"#FocusRally," the name of a cross-country road rally sponsored by car maker Ford, is promoted in first place on the morning of March 3.

Twitterers are sharing some of the texts they have sent or received when breaking up with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend with second place term "#breakuptexts."

Top breakup texts being shared around the microblogs include "I love you to death but I would rather not die right now, hope you get my point, bye...", "Never make the mistake of thinking you are not replaceable ..." and "Its not me, Its you."

"#planbetter" is in third place and "#tigerblood" moves down two places to number four.

Hungry microbloggers are using fifth place term "McLobster" to post images and tweet about how disgusting or edible some of the seasonal McDonalds meals are. "Late Night Snack" is also trending in sixth position.

American basketball player "Brandon Davies" is in seventh place, English actor and House star "Hugh Laurie" is in eighth place and Mexican judge "Blanca Lobo Domínguez" is in tenth place.

The name of college basketball player "Tina Stewart" is in ninth place as people tweet about her death.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 3 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #FocusRally (promoted)
  2. #breakuptexts (new)
  3. #planbetter (new)
  4. #tigerblood (-2)
  5. McLobster (new)
  6. Late Night Snack (new)
  7. Brandon Davies (new)
  8. Hugh Laurie (new)
  9. Tina Stewart (new)
  10. Blanca Lobo Domínguez (new)