The most talked about topic in the microblogs on the morning of October 14 is the term "Chilean miner."

People all over the world tuned in to TV news broadcasts to watch as the 33 trapped Chilean miners were rescued from the mine site they had been trapped in for the last two months.

Twitter is awash with tweets and topics relating to the rescue: "Chilean miner" is in second place, "Miners Rescued" is in third place, and "Rescatistas," the Spanish word for "Rescuers," is in tenth place.

"#ThisIsEpic," promoted by American carrier Sprint, is in first place.

In fourth and fifth places are the memes "#iloveitwhen" and "#thatwouldbeawesome."

"#myhomelesssignwouldsay" follows behind in sixth place as people on Twitter use their 140 characters to tweet about what they would write on a sign if they were homeless.

"My other cardboard is my sweet bedroom," "I lost my job for being on Twitter all day" and "my father was killed by ninjas need money 4 karate lessons!" read tweets.

"????" re-appears on the charts in seventh place, the "Cutthroat" edition of reality TV series Real World/Road Rules Challenge is in eighth place and the " Jersey Shore" episode of South Park has pushed "Jersey Thing" into ninth place on the charts.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 14 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #ThisIsEpic (Promoted)
  2. Chilean miner (new)
  3. Miners Rescued (new)
  4. #iloveitwhen (new)
  5. #thatwouldbeawesome (new)
  6. #myhomelesssignwouldsay (new)
  7. ???? (re-entry)
  8. Cutthroat (new)
  9. Jersey Thing (new)
  10. Rescatistas (new)