With just two days left before Christmas, Twitter is abuzz with tweets about the holiday season.

"It's the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve. lol" tweet people using the fifth place meme,  "Christmas Eve Eve."

"Festivus," a secular holiday for people who want to celebrate the holidays without giving in to the monetary and emotional pressures of Christmas, is also in the charts in seventh place.

"Festivus is tomorrow! Do you have your aluminum pole yet? Have you prepared to air your grievances and trained for the feats of strength?" tweet people about the December 23rd Festivus celebrations.  

"#FocusGlobalDrive" is promoted in first place and followed by the hashtags "#howtopissyourgirloff," "#secretturnon" and "#2011predictions."

Microbloggers are tweeting about "Jordans," a brand of shoes produced by Nike, posting their reasons for loving or hating the shoes.
"Querido Santa" (Spanish for "Dear Santa") is in eighth place, internet meme "Double Rainbow" is in ninth place and "Educación Universitaria" (Spanish for "Higher Education") is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 23 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #FocusGlobalDrive (promoted)
  2. #howtopissyourgirloff (new)
  3. #secretturnon (new)
  4. #2011predictions (new)
  5. Christmas Eve Eve (new)
  6. Jordans (new)
  7. Festivus (new)
  8. Querido Santa (new)
  9. Double Rainbow (new)
  10. Educación Universitaria (new)