At the top of Twitter's most talked about topics is the hashtag "shedontreallylikeyou" on the morning of September 22.

Twitter users are sharing reasons why they think a girl might not like someone including: "you text 'I Miss U' or 'I Love U' & they text back ': )',"  "the only way she will come is if you give gas money," or "she is always talking to your hotter friend when you go out."

The phrase "#shedontreallylikeyou" is followed by "#namessomethingawful" and "#becauseoftwitter" in second and third places.

"Chuseok," a harvest festival celebrated in Korea around the Autum Equinox, is fourth on the charts.

Microbloggers, especially those of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese decent, are also celebrating Mid-Autumn festivals, pushing the terms "Mid-Autumn" and "Mooncake" (a special baked item traditionally eaten during the festival) into fifth and seventh places.

Twitter users are watching the season premiere of American musical-comedy TV show Glee, and are making sure their followers know they are "Watching Glee."

Filipina singer and actress "Charice" has been cast as a reccurring character on the TV series and Twitter users are tweeting about her debut performance.

The abbreviation for the Commonwealth Games ("CWG"), set to begin October 3, is trending in ninth place.

Twitter users in Indonesia are complaining about people sending them "Broadcast Message[s]" via Research in Motion's BlackBerry Messenger that are of no interest to them.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on September 22 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #shedontreallylikeyou (new)
  2. #namesomethingawful (new)
  3. #becauseoftwitter (new)
  4. Chuseok (new)
  5. Mid-Autumn (new)
  6. Watching Glee (new)
  7. Mooncake (new)
  8. Charice (new)
  9. CWG (new)
  10. Broadcast Message (new)