Current Twitter trends: Frying Nemo, "Till the World Ends," 'Blade Runner'

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Twitterers are having fun inventing new names for movies with first place topic "#blackpeoplemovies" on the morning of March 4.

Fourth place term "Frying Nemo," a take on the animated film Finding Nemo, is currently the most popular film associated with the hashtag.

"Lord of The Rings: LeBron's struggle" and "Legally Blonde Starring @ChrisBrown" are also top #blackpeoplemovies tweets.

"#tigerblood" moves up two positions and back into second place, seasonal McDonald's meal the "McLobster" moves down one place to number six and the name of professional football player "Kolo Toure" is in seventh place.

The name of the latest single from Britney Spears's (@britneyspears) forthcoming Femme Fatal album, "Till The World Ends" ("#tilltheworldends"), is in third place and "Acoustic Aftermath" is trending after former American Idol Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) announced via Twitter that he will play an acoustic version of his song "Aftermath" on American Idol on March 10.  

"Alcon Entertainment is in final talks to acquire the rights for 'Blade Runner' to produce prequels and sequels" post Twitterers, referencing ninth place term and legendary science fiction movie " Blade Runner."

The abbreviations for the UK's Liberal Democrats ("Lib Dems") and the UK Independence Party ("UKIP") are in eighth and tenth positions on Twitter's list of trending topics.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 4 at 8:00 AM GMT are:

  1. #blackpeoplemovies (new)
  2. #tigerblood (+2)
  3. #tilltheworldends (new)
  4. Frying Nemo (new)
  5. Acoustic Aftermath (new)
  6. McLobster (-1)
  7. Kolo Toure (new)
  8. Lib Dems (new)
  9. Blade Runner (new)
  10. UKIP (new)