Current Twitter trends: Gamescom, Rootyq, Pakistan

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The name of comedy action film " Scott Pilgrim" vs. the World is stuck in the top position on Twitter's most talked about topics at 9:30 AM GMT on August 18.

" Scott Pilgrim" joins new release movies " Inception" (in fifth place) and " Expendables" (in sixth place) in Twitter's trending topics.

In second place is the meme "#ifyoureallyknewme" while "#hnf," short for High N Fly Entertainment, is trending in third place.

Twitter users in Australia are using "#rootyq" to talk about their current Prime Minister's appearance at a town hall-style forum in Brisbane - an event that will take place ahead of Australia's August 23 elections. 

"Gamescom," the largest trade fair for interactive gaming and entertainment, is in seventh place ahead of the German and Dutch word for "rain," "Regen."

"Pakistan" moves back into the charts in ninth place as microbloggers discuss the effects of the devastating floods in the area, while "Goedemorgen," the Dutch word for good morning is trending in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 18 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Scott Pilgrim (unchanged)
2. #ifyoureallyknewme (new)
3. #hnf (new)
4. #rootyq (new)
5. Inception (+2)
6. Expendables (unchanged)
7. Gamescom (new)
8. Regen (unchanged)
9. Pakistan (re-entry)
10. Goedemorgen (new)