Current Twitter trends: 'If I had one wish,' Wozniacki, Sharapova, Labor Day

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Microbloggers are sharing their wishes with the world with the hashtag "ifihadonewish" the most talked about topic on the social network on the morning of September 7.

If I had one wish: "we would be best friends. Love would never end, it will just begin," "I'd want everyone who tweeted a variation of 'I'd wish for more wishes' to be beaten with a book of unoriginal clichés" and "i would feed all the hungry tummies and thirsty mouths," tweet Twitter users.

The memes "#unlikeothergirls" and "#parejasperfectas" follow in second and third places.

The last names of professional tennis players Caroline "Wozniacki" and Maria "Sharapova" are trending in fourth and fifth places after Wozniacki defeated Sharapova in round four of the US Open tournament on September 6.

The last name of American actor Logan "Lerman" is in sixth place, followed by the names of American football clubs the "Boise" State Broncos and the "Navy" Midshipmen.

The USA celebrated Labor Day on September 6 and people on Twitter have been tweeting about the day with the terms "Labor" and "Parkway" (a term used to talk about the Labor Day Carnival in New York city that takes place along Eastern Parkway).

  1. #ifihadonewish (new)
  2. #unlikeothergirls (new)
  3. #parejasperfectas (new)
  4. Wozniacki (new)
  5. Sharapova (new)
  6. Lerman (new)
  7. Boise (new)
  8. Navy (new)
  9. Parkway (new)
  10. Labor (new)