The name of Canadian-made Disney Channel movie and TV series Jett Jackson is the most talked about topic on Twitter on the morning of August 9.

The movie was broadcast on the Disney Channel in the USA on August 8 and microbloggers are talking about their fond memories of the show.

"JETT JACKSON. Classic show. Back when Disney wasn't that Now Disney is a guilty pleasure that I am ashamed o,f" said one Twitter user.

In second place is the "Teen Choice Awards," an annual awards ceremony that highlights achievements in the music, sports, fashion, TV and film industries as selected by people aged 13 to 19. The abbreviation for the Teen Choice Awards, "TCA" is also trending in eighth place.

Science fiction flick The " Last Airbender" moves down one place while this year's movie blockbuster " Inception" is up two places to number seven.

The memes "#wordsthatleadtotrouble," "#onlyseeninthehood" and "#ilaugheverytime" take out the fourth, fifth and sixth place on this morning's charts.

"NDP," short for the National Day Parade in Singapore is in ninth place. Twitter users in Singapore and around the world are discussing what they will be doing on August 9 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Singapore's Independence Day.

Two-part action-thriller film " Kill Bill" (2003, 2004) by Quentin Tarantino is in tenth place on August 9 after the second part aired (or is due to air) on TV stations in various countries around the world.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 9 at 9:30 PM GMT are:

1. Jett Jackson (new)
2. Teen Choice Awards (new)
3. Last Airbender (-1)
4. #wordsthatleadtotrouble (new)
5. #onlyseeninthehood (new)
6. #ilaugheverytime (new)
7. Inception (+2)
8. TCA (new)
9. NDP (new)
10. Kill Bill (new)