Current Twitter trends: Justin Bieber, 'Boardwalk Empire,' Mondays

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On the morning of September 20, Spanish speakers are proclaiming their love for Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber with the term "TeAmoBieber? SpanishSpeakers?Biebs."

The name of horror film "Jeepers Creepers" is back in second place on the charts while brand new American TV series " Boardwalk Empire" is new in third place.

The hashtags "becauseimagansta," "ireallythink" and "ihaveafriend" take fourth, fifth and sixth places on Twitter's most talked about topics.

The Dutch words for good morning and Mondays ("Goedemorgen" and "Maandag") are in seventh and eighth places as users tweet friendly hellos and post Monday morning messages to their followers.

English-speaking microbloggers are not so happy about Mondays and are using their accounts to tweet why.

"Mondays are my longest days, ugh," "I hate Mondays :( I'm so tired. Just got in to work so gonna have a large coffee to wake me up!" and "#ireallythink Mondays should be a public holiday" tweet users.

DreamWorks Animation is using the term "#NoYouCant" to promote a competition to win a private IMAX screening of their forthcoming animated comedy Megamind.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on September 20 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. TeAmoBieber? SpanishSpeakers?Biebs (new)
  2. Jeepers Creepers (re-entry)
  3. Boardwalk Empire (new)
  4. #becauseimagangsta (new)
  5. #ireallythink (new)
  6. #ihaveafriend (new)
  7. Goedemorgen (re-entry)
  8. Maandag (new)
  9. Mondays (new)
  10. #NoYouCant (promoted)