Current Twitter trends: Leslie Nielsen, Cyber Monday, cablegate, Soul Train

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Twitter is filled with tweets about the death of Canadian-American comedian and actor "Leslie Nielsen."

Short messages with the terms "Leslie Nielsen" (in second place), "Nielson" (in fourth place), 1980 comedy " Airplane!" (in seventh place), and the name of the Police Squad! character played by Nielsen, Sergeant Frank "Drebin" have been flying across the Twittersphere along with fan's condolences.

"Rest in peace Leslie Nielsen. I cannot begin to list the times you have made me laugh out loud. Forever a fan of Airplane! & Police Squad!", "RIP Leslie Nielsen: "Airplane!" is still one of the funniest movies ever, thanks to you" and "Sad news Leslie Nielsen has passed.Airplane movies were classic.He had gr8 comedic timing..Surely you will b missed..& dont call him Shirley" tweet fans.

Electronics manufacturer LG is promoting the number one topic on Twitter, "#LGLUV," announcing Cyber Monday deals on its range of vacuums.

Twitter users are also using their 140 characters to post about some of the great shopping deals they have found online as part of "#cybermonday," one of the biggest online shopping days in the US.  

"#mytimenow," the name of a documentary on hip hop singer Nicki Minaj is in third place; "#cablegate," a term used to talk about Wikileaks' release of classified diplomatic cables, is in sixth place; the name of American music awards show " Soul Train" is in eighth place; and the name of American football player "Andre Johnson" is in ninth place on Twitter's most talked about topics chart.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 29 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #LGLUV (promoted)
  2. Leslie Nielsen (new)
  3. #mytimenow (new)
  4. Nielson (new)
  5. #cablegate (new)
  6. #cybermonday (new)
  7. Airplane (new)
  8. Soul Train (new)
  9. Andre Johnson (new)
  10. Drebin (new)