Current Twitter trends: Nate Dogg

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On the morning of March 16 American network carrier Verizon is encouraging people to tweet the name of their favorite college basketball team along with first place hashtag "#MM2011" as part of its 2011 Messaging Mania.

Twitterers are sending their condolences to the family and friends of American rapper "Nate Dogg," who died on March 15.

The names of three songs featuring the recently deceased rapper, "Lay Low," "Area Codes" and "Xxplosive," are trending in seventh, ninth and tenth places.

"KDay," an American hip hop radio station paying tribute to Nate Dogg, is also in the charts in eighth place.

"Lay Low, Xxplosive, Next Episode, Regulate, Ain't No Fun, Area Codes... NONE of them would of been hits without Nate Dogg," tweet microbloggers.

Third, fourth and fifth places in Twitter's trending topics are taken by the hashtags "#drunkestievergot," "#throwagrenade" and "#r1moremoyles."

The name of YouTube "worst song ever" sensation "Rebecca Black" is still in the charts, moving down a place to become the fifth most talked about topic on Twitter.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 16 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #MM2011 (promoted)
  2. Nate Dogg (new)
  3. #drunkestievergot (new)
  4. #throwagrenade (new)
  5. Rebecca Black (-1)
  6. #r1moremoyles (new)
  7. Lay Low (new)
  8. KDAY (new)
  9. Area Codes (new)
  10. Xxplosive (new)