Current Twitter trends: Pearl Harbor, Google's Honeycomb on prototype Motorola tablet

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Twitter's trending topics list is once again topped by a promoted term. On December 7 the next generation cellular network technology "4G" is in first place.

"#alliwant," "#thingsimiss" and "#unapalabra" take second, third and fourth places in the chart.

On the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings, microbloggers are reminding their followers to take a minute out of their day to remember those who died.

"Take a minute to remember Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941" tweet users.

There are two different reasons for "True Life" appearing in Twitter's trending topics. Some microbloggers are tweeting "True Life is about finding TRUE love and happiness" while others are discussing the MTV documentary series of the same name.

The name of best-selling author "Elizabeth Edwards" is in seventh place after she was told she only has weeks to live, and fans of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber are helping "VnezuelaLovesBiebs" trend in ninth place.

Google's vice president of engineering "Andy Rubin" is speaking at the All Things D "Dive Into Mobile" conference and microbloggers are re-tweeting many of the interesting things he has said about the Android platform, Apple and Microsoft.

Rubin also used the event to demo a future version of Google's mobile and tablet operating software, Android 3.0 aka "Honeycomb," on a prototype Motorola Tablet.  

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 7 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. 4G (promoted)
  2. #alliwant (new)
  3. #thingsimiss (new)
  4. #unapalabra (new)
  5. Pearl Harbor (new)
  6. True Life (new)
  7. Elizabeth Edwards (new)
  8. Honeycomb (new)
  9. VnezuelaLovesBiebs (new)
  10. Andy Rubin (new)