American TV series " Pretty Little Liars" is at the top of Twitter's most talked about topics list on July 28.

The term has been surging in popularity over Tuesday night for the last few weeks in the US - before, during and after the show airs on TV there.

The memes "#lookingforward," "#ifyoureallyknewme" and "#camronsaid" are in second, fourth and sixth place respectively, while science fiction blockbuster Inception moves down one place to number three.

Military-themed video game Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty was released on July 27, sending waves of tweets throughout the twittersphere. "Starcraft" is currently trending in fifth place.

A plane carrying more than 150 passengers crashed in Islamabad, Pakistan on July 28 leaving at least 20 dead. People on Twitter are spreading the news with the term "Islamabad."

Diego Maradona, former football player and manager of the Argentine national football team since November 2008, was removed from his managerial post after the Argentine Football Association announced it would not renew his contract.

"Maradona" is currently trending in eighth place ahead of "WikiLeaks" and the name of American sitcom " Family Matters."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 28 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Pretty Little Liars (re-entry)
2. #lookingforward (new)
3. Inception (-1)
4. #ifyoureallyknewme (new)
5. Starcraft (new)
6. #camronsaid (new)
7. Islamabad (new)
8. Maradona (new)
9. WikiLeaks (-3)
10. Family Matters (new)