Current Twitter trends: Sony PlayStation Suite games on Android

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The microblogs are filling with news that gamers will soon be able to play PlayStation games on their mobile phone.

During a press event in Japan on January 27, Sony announced that "PlayStation Certified" games would soon be available on Android-based portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

The company also unveiled a new PlayStation portable with a higher resolution screen and dual touchpads, called the "Next Generation Portable" aka the "PSP2."

Twitterers are relaying Sony's announcements with the terms "#psp2," "Next Generation Portable" and "PlayStation Suite."

The first three places in Twitter's trending topics are filled by "#MikeInWindow," "#whatsthematterwithyou" and "#improudtosay."

American Idol contestant "Chris Medina" is in seventh place and "Puff Puff Pass" is in eighth place.

Video games The Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego are reportedly being ported to Facebook. Twitter users are Tweeting about the games with ninth and tenth place terms "Carmen Sandiego" and "Oregon Trail."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 27 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #MikeInWindow (promoted)
  2. #whatsthematterwithyou (new)
  3. #improudtosay (new)
  4. #psp2 (new)
  5. Next Generation Portable (new)
  6. PlayStation Suite (new)
  7. Chris Medina (new)
  8. Puff Puff Pass (new)
  9. Carmen Sandiego (new)
  10. Oregon Trail (new)