The microbloggs are full of tweets about stressed shoppers looking for last minute gifts in the days leading up to Christmas.

Others are trying to help their followers find gifts by tweeting suggestions along with the number one term on Twitter, "#lastminutegifts."

The hashtags "#icanttakeyouseriously," "#ihavenorespect" and "#stacheswaggin" fill the next three positions on the chart.

American clothing brand "USPA" (short for "US Polo Association") is in fifth place, "Christmas Eve" is back in the charts in sixth place and the name of American basketball player Earl "Boykins" is in seventh place.

The name of female basketball player "Maya Moore" takes eighth place on the charts after she reportedly helped her team, UCONN Women's Basketball, to set a record of 89 consecutive wins.

Winter "Solstice" drops three places to number nine and new release comedy Meet the Parents: Little "Fockers" takes tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 22 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #lastminutegifts (promoted)
  2. #icanttakeyouseriously (new)
  3. #ihavenorespect (+1)
  4. #stacheswaggin (new)
  5. USPA (new)
  6. Christmas Eve (re-entry)    
  7. Boykins (new)
  8. Maya Moore (new)
  9. Solstice (-3)
  10. Fockers (new)