Current Twitter trends: 'VH1 Divas,' Facebook Profile, Sundays

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American zombie TV series "#TheWalkingDead" is at the top of Twitter's most talked about topics on the morning of December 6.

The hashtags "#thingsimiss," "#noonelikesyoubecause" and "#rappersthatmightbehomeless" are in second, third and fourth places on the chart.

People from Venezuela are showing their love for teenage pop singer Justin Bieber with the fifth place term "Vnezuelan?Biebs."

The name of an all-female concert for American TV channel VH1, " VH1 Divas" follows in sixth place, and people are wishing Mexican actress Dulce Maria a happy birthday with seventh-place term "FelizCumpleDulceMaria" ("Happy Birthday Dulce Maria").

Facebook is starting to roll out changes to the layout of users' profile pages and microbloggers are tweeting their opinions about the new look.

"Facebook profile pages are getting a new look. This makes it the most popular facelift since @Joan_Rivers got hers," "new Facebook profile is actually pretty cool," "The new Facebook profile makes me angry because it won't let me add "Texan" or "Hood" to my languages" and "I do NOT "like" the new Facebook profile" read tweets on the subject.

Jack "Hanafi," a contestant on Indonesia Mencari Bakat (a Britain's Got Talent-style reality show) is in eighth place and "Sundays" is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 6 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #TheWalkingDead (promoted)
  2. #thingsimiss (new)
  3. #noonelikesyoubecause (new)
  4. #rappersthatmightbehomeless (new)
  5. Vnezuelan?Biebs (new)
  6. VH1 Divas (new)
  7. FelizCumpleDulceMaria (new)
  8. Hanafi (new)
  9. Facebook Profile (new)
  10. Sundays (new)