Current Twitter trends: 'Viva México,' IE9, Pope Benedict XVI

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Mexico is celebrating its bicentennial and Twitter users are getting into the spirit by using the term "iViva México."

"¡Viva México" has quickly risen to the top of Twitter's trending topics on the morning of September 16 as microbloggers cry, "Happy Independence Day Mexico!! 200 years of Independence!"

The memes "#howtopisswhitepeopleoff," "#rockretractions" and "#youdeserveashoutout" are in second, third and fourth places.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 ("IE9") has made the fifth place on the charts after the company released a beta version of its new browser on September 15.

The name of Indonesian movie " Queen Bee" is in sixth place, while reality TV series " Top Chef" is in eighth place.

Pope Benedict XVI is on the first official Papal visit to the UK in 28 years. Microbloggers have mixed feelings about his visit and are taking to their Twitter accounts to express their thoughts.

"[W]hy should we foot the bill for the pope's visit!," "i wonder if this weekend we will be able to pope people on facebook instead of poke ???," "So Pope Eggs Benedict arrives in UK at a mere cost of 10m. No cuts there then? Looking forward to the protests as they pursue the popemobile!" and "Well, if the Pope can bring any divine assistance to England's World Cup chances next year, I'm all for it!!"

The Dutch words for "good morning" and "success" ("Goedemorgen" and "Succes") are trending in ninth and tenth places.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on September 16 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. ¡Viva México (new)
  2. #howtopisswhitepeopleoff (new)
  3. #rockretractions (new)
  4. #youdeserveashoutout (+1)
  5. IE9 (new)
  6. Queen Bee (new)
  7. Pope (new)
  8. Top Chef (new)
  9. Goedemorgen (re-entry)
  10. Succes (new)