Current Twitter trends: Winter Solstice, net neutrality

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Posts about the December 21 total lunar eclipse during winter solstice are spreading through Twitter this morning as people tweet that they are camped outside to watch the rare event.

"During the last lunar eclipse/winter solstice there was no twitter so i dont know if it actually happened" and "strong moment with the lunar eclipse + winter solstice. Think of what you want more than anything & be grateful for blessings in your life" tweet people using second and sixth place terms "Lunar" and "Solstice."  

Time is running out to buy a new phone before December 25 says American network carrier AT&T using the promoted term "#TimesRunningOut."

"#dearex," "#ihavenorespect" and "#dearfuturewife" fill third, fourth and fifth place in Twitter's trending topics.

Microbloggers are using their 140 characters to debate whether American singer "Lauryn Hill" is better than Trinidadian hip hop artist Niki Minaj, to tweet that female rapper "Magnolia Shorty" recently passed away after being shot and to talk about the winners of the North division of the National Football Conference ("NFC North").

"Neutrality" is in tenth place on the chart as users discuss the merits of America's proposed Net Neutrality rules.

"For some reason anytime I try to look up an article on net neutrality, my connection drops. Just sayin'" tweet microbloggers.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 21 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #TimesRunningOut (promoted)
  2. Lunar (new)
  3. #dearex (new)
  4. #ihavenorespect (-2)
  5. #dearfuturewife (new)
  6. Solstice (new)
  7. Lauryn Hill (new)
  8. Magnolia Shorty (new)
  9. NFC North (new)
  10. Neutrality (new)