Dance moves return to the 'SOCOM' military shooter series

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A proud SOCOM tradition stretching back to the series' first sortie in 2002, the upcoming PlayStation 3 game SOCOM 4 allows players to get their soldiers moving and a-grooving once more.

Victory dances enable players to taunt opponents, gloat over superior skills upon downing an enemy or, alternatively, meet up with rival crews online for a good ol' fashioned dance-off.

PlayStation's latest trailer shows off a few of the new title's dozen dances including The Chicken, The Robot, and The Crane. Previous series entries also featured The Cossack, Moonwalk, and dubious dancefloor staple, The Hip Thrust.

SOCOM 4 is due out in North America on April 19. It'll be known as SOCOM: Special Forces in Europe, Australia and South Africa when it launches later in the same week.

The game will need to tempt players away from Homefront, released March 15, while simultaneously dealing with the threat of Operation Flashpoint: Red River, out April 26.

Boosting its chances is a public beta starting April 6, with early access for subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service from April 23.

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