Decide-o-tron app to recommend video games

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The webcomic Penny Arcade is teaming up with industry analysts EEDAR to offer the Decide-o-tron 8000, a free iOS app that recommends video games based on user tastes, review scores, and celebrity charts.

The Decide-o-tron catalogue is to encompass 10,000 games over the last 10 years, spanning Nintendo's GameCube, Nintendo DS and 3DS, Wii and Wii downloads, Sony's PlayStation 2, PS3, PSP and PlayStation Network, Microsoft's Xbox, 360, Xbox Live Marketplace, and of course the PC.

There's also room for the GameBoy Advance, a handy addition given the portable's imminent presence on the 3DS eShop channel, and a barcode scanner to help keep the personal library lists updated.

Giant Bomb's user maintained database has a similar suggestion-based strand, as does gameplay tracker Raptr.

Decide-o-tron aims to do for games what Pandora or have done for music recommendation - offering up a selection of suitable titles by analyzing users' previous experiences and current preferences.

As for a release date, Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins estimates availability "in the next week or two" (i.e. before September 4), with visitors to the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle (August 26-28) able to try it out early.