The new 3D glasses with the standard black frames are a huge improvement over the previous flimsy cardboard red and blue versions. And now a new generation of 3D glasses is unfolding with prescription lenses and other features for comfortable viewing.

The distinctive curved shape of the Oakley sunglasses worn by the 33 Chilean miners rescued after months underground to protect their eyes from UV exposure will hit cinemas - and moviegoers' pocketbooks. Polaroid and other sunglass designers will also compete with the generic plastic glasses recycled at theaters.

Luxottica, the Italian parent company of Oakley and Ray-Ban, announced this week that it will offer 3D glasses that can be made to fit individual eyeglass prescriptions to improve the comfort level and viewing experience. This eliminates placing 3D glasses over eyeglasses.

Oakley also announced the launch of special-edition 3D glasses with the December release of the sci-fi action adventure TRON: Legacy with special graphics and a lens curvature that increases the range of vision. They will cost $150 US through the company website:

The limited-edition 3D Gascan features HDO-3D, innovations for clarity with optically correct eyewear, eliminating ghosting or "crosstalk" between images. The high-wrap curvature maximizes the wearer's field of vision for a panoramic view, and the Three-Point Fit retains alignment, in ultra-lightweight titanium plates.

The glasses will be designed to work with all TV and movie theater content. The 3D glasses will be available in the US by the end of 2010 and globally in 2011. But will you save by bringing these 3D glasses to the theater?

In addition, Polaroid and RealD, the maker of most standard 3D glasses, signed a global deal to create a range of Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear in a range of designs with curved lenses to fully experience 3D in various styles and color frames.

The polarized lens will also accommodate prescriptions, and junior sizes for the younger audience to enjoy. In addition, this brand will be fully UV-protective for outdoor use. No price or date announced yet.