Disney mash-up, laughing baby, Mario and the "Stereotypes Song" - viral videos of the week

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A laughing baby, first person Mario, a one man Disney musical mash up and a song poking fun at stereotypes were among the top viral videos on YouTube from March 21-25.

On Monday the video "Emerson - Mommy's nose is scary" had reached over 7 million views in six days. The video shows a baby switching from terror to delight and back again as his mother blows her nose.

Tuesday's viral video was a 3D rendering of the video game Mario from a first-person point of view called "First Person Mario." Created by Freddiew of YouTube channel Facerocker, the video, uploaded on March 17 had attracted over 6 million views by March 22.

A fantastic one-man musical mash up of Disney songs grabbed YouTube viewers' attention on Wednesday, March 23. The video featured blogger Nick Pitera performing as multiple characters in a mash-up of Disney songs. The video attracted 341,843 views in two days and was featured on Mashable.com. 

Accidental teenage singing sensation Rebecca Black, singer of the song "Friday," was back in the spotlight on Thursday thanks to a dubbed version of her track titled "Rebecca Black Friday (Brock's Dub)." The offbeat take on what some have called "the worse song in the world"attracted almost 2 million views in two days.  

Friday's viral video was the cartoon video "STERE0TYPES SONG" by YouTube channel yourfavoritemartain.  The song takes a lighthearted look at sterotypes from around the world and includes the chorus "I love you more than the Japanese love tentacle porn. " The channel, yourfavoritemartain, is the brain child of regular YouTube video reviewer Ray William Johnson, and the video attracted a massive 2 million views in 48 hours.

Find all five of the week's viral videos at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=1F1C247285F8AE5D.