The first Rage developer diary from Id Software recaps the history of the studio and, conveniently enough, the history of the first person shooter genre as a whole.

" Wolfenstein is the game that created the first person shooter genre," explains company president Todd Hollenshead, "but Doom is the one that popularized [it]," adds executive producer Kevin Cloud.

Quake, for its part, pioneered the sort of online tech which is now "the standard for every multiplayer game on the internet," explains creative direcetor Tim Willits.

So what does Rage bring to the table? "We are arguably the best looking game on the consoles today," says founder and boss John Carmack.

Advancements in the technology behind Rage ensure that players can have "a better gameplay experience [as well as] a better looking game."

Rage, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is due out on October 4, the same day as the 360 and PS3
game Dark Souls.

It's also a few weeks after the 360's Gears of War 3 and a few before the multiplatform Batman: Arkham City.

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