e-readers, tablets, portable game players becoming synonymous

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In 2014 more than 50 percent of mobile internet devices (MIDs) - devices such as e-readers, tablets, portable media players, digital photo frames, PNDs, PDAs, digital cameras and portable game players - will provide users with the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet via embedded mobile 3G or faster connections.

Out of the more than 100 million MIDs sold worldwide during 2014, more than 55 million of them will be sold with mobile connections in addition to or in place of WiFi connectivity says market researcher Parks Associates.

"[T]he majority of consumers consider wireless connectivity a necessity for devices such as e-readers, iPads, and portable game players" said Parks Associates in a July 8 report.

A rise in the availability of powerful smartphones and portable internet-connected devices has opened consumers' eyes to an addictive world of anytime, anywhere information access. This in turn has boosted mobile broadband awareness and lead to a greater demand for 3G connectivity on MIDs.