See below for a live stream and schedule for all the major talks

The world’s biggest video game expo is kicking off in Las Vegas today as E3 opens its doors to the industry press and the public.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will all be showing off their wares on the first day, hosting back to back conferences along with publishing giants EA and Ubisoft.

If you want to watch the announcements live check out the stream below, although with the Microsoft conference starting 7pm UK time and Sony only taking the stage at 2am tomorrow morning, you might need a cup of coffee to keep you going.


E3 Schedule:

  • Microsoft: 9 June; 17:30pm GMT or 09:30am PDT
  • EA: 9 June; 20:00pm GMT or 12:00pm PDT
  • Ubisoft: 9 June; 23:00pm GMT or 15:00pm PDT
  • Sony: 9/10 June; 02:00am GMT or 18:00pm PDT
  • Nintendo: 10 June; 17:00pm GMT or 09:00am PDT