EE has launched its fastest ever mobile network in London - but how exactly do you access 4G+?

The 4G+/LTE-A network puts the UK in the same super-connected camp as South Korea, Japan and America

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Mobile operator EE has launched its next-generation  4G+ service in London,  which they claim will offer download speeds of up to 150MBps and averages of 90Mbps – five times faster than the average UK broadband connection.

The only problem is that although with 4G+ (otherwise known as LTE-Advanced) the UK is getting in on some of those lovely super-super-fast mobile speeds, availability is severely limited.

For a start owners will need to have a 4G+ compatible smartphone, of which EE only offers two: Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4. Non-EE smartphones that are 4G+ compatible include Motorola’s Nexus 6, Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7 and LG’s G3.

Secondly these speeds can’t just be picked up anywhere in London – coverage starts in parts of central (including Shoreditch, Old Street, Westminster and Kensington) although this will be expanded to the whole of Greater London by June 2015 and then on to Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

EE is playing catch up here with Vodafone, which launched its own 4G+ network with similar caveats earlier in the month, although it remains the UK’s best mobile networks in recent reports – scoring top in a number of different categories.

The new 4G+ connection brings the UK up to speed with the world’s most connected countries – including South Korea, Japan and the US – and places it ahead of most other European countries.