Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, a full-length feature film based on the video game Dead Rising, is to be released as an eight-episode series from August 4 onwards.

Dead Rising, itself bearing similarities to George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, was an Xbox 360 game released in 2006, featuring a photographer called Frank trapped in a zombie-infested shopping center.

Now, Capcom's Keiji Inafune has come up with a live action movie to prepare viewers for the comedy-horror of Dead Rising 2. Inafune himself is best-known for his involvement in the Mega Man series, but also had a hand in the Resident Evil and Lost Planet titles.

Just as the action thriller Alan Wake was the subject of a short live action series called "Bright Falls," Dead Rising 2 (PC, PS3 and 360) and the interquel Dead Rising: Case Zero (360) are to benefit from similar treatment with Zombrex.

Also in common with "Bright Falls" is Zombrex's release schedule - episodes are to be released first on Xbox Live and typically a week later on DeadRisingSun.com, the film's website.

Xbox Live schedule
August 4: Episodes 1-3
August 11: Episodes 4 & 5
August 18: Episodes 6 & 7
August 25: Episode 8

DeadRisingSun.com schedule
August 11: Episodes 1-3
August 18: Episodes 4 & 5
August 25: Episode 6 & 7
September 1: Episode 8

If the trailer is anything to go by, Zombrex's antics have a little more in common with Wilson Yip's Bio Zombie and Sakichi Sato's Tokyo Zombie films than Romero's Living Dead series.

The trailer can be seen at DeadRisingSun.com. The Alan Wake "Bright Falls" series is still available at BrightFalls.net.