Facebook is testing a new feature which allows users and their friends to create profile tags / Getty Images

The new feature is seemingly being tested in New Zealand

Facebook users could soon be able to express more of their identity on the social networking site.

The company has confirmed it is testing out a new feature, which would allow users to add tags to their profile.

The tags would "highlight things that describe you and what you’re into", the Verge reported.

The website said that the feature was currently being tested in New Zealand but it was not known when it would be rolled out to other countries.

While LinkedIn already has tags that allow professional friends to endorse a user's work-related skills, the Facebook version could enable the creation of more varied tags or ones that include emojis.

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to include tags on their profile


A screenshot of a Facebook profile where the tags are public included examples such as ‘designer’, ‘built this awesome product’ and ‘unbreakable’.

The feature would also enable users to add tags to their friends' Facebook profiles, which, just like friendship requests, could be accepted or ignored. If accepted, the tags would appear in descending order, based on how many ‘likes’ each one had garnered, according to the Verge.

Facebook told the website: “Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight things that describe you and what you’re into.”

The company told TNW News: “In addition to the standard ways of letting people know who you are on your Facebook profile, profile tags let you express your identity in a more informal way. We believe that friends can also add a unique perspective to who you are and what makes you special that you may not even think about putting on your profile.”