The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on May 10.

1. Trolling Your Friends On Facebook Done Right
A series of Facebook photos that have been lightly edited in Photoshop and re-posted back onto the social networking site, much to the dismay of the person pictured in the photos.

2. Obama Delivers
An image of President Obama wearing a cowboy hat with the caption “Here’s my birth certificate. Here’s Osama bin Laden...Anything else I can get you motherfuckers?”

3. IP-Address Is Not a Person, BitTorrent Case Judge Says
An American District Court Judge has "denied a copyright holder the right to subpoena the ISPs of alleged copyright infringers, because an IP-address does not equal a person."

4. Mac vs PC - The Truth
A photo of two bearded Mac users in a cafe, one with no shoes on, juxtaposed with a photo of PC users in the White House Situation Room watching the raid on bin Laden’s Pakistani hideout.

5. Facebook to Buy Skype In $4 Billion Deal
An article that suggests social network Facebook is eyeing a $4 billion takeover of VoIP service Skype.