The fake book as it appeared on the site this morning / Amazon

'Product' was quickly pulled down by Amazon

Campaigners trying to "end poverty pay" at Amazon have brought their protests onto the site itself, putting a book entitled 'A Living Wage For Amazon Workers' up for sale and attracting 5-star reviews from supporters.

The fake book, which was swiftly taken down by the online retailer, had as its product description: "Over 62,000 people have called on Amazon to end poverty pay in 2014 – but Amazon has yet to take our demand seriously so we've brought it direct to", adding that it wanted readers to "review this product below and let Amazon know that it's time to pay the human cost of its operations."

Supporters were only too happy to oblige, posting a slew of sarcastic critiques of the book.

"Even I could afford this - and, unlike Amazon, I didn't make $108 million profits in the first quarter of 2014," one read.

One of the product reviews left by a 'reader'

"This is just what I've been waiting for. £7.65 seems such a reasonable price for giving a modicum of security and dignity to a workforce. An excellent idea and one that would make me a lot more inclined to resume being an Amazon customer. Thanks!" added another.

The dummy book was priced at  £7.65 as this is "the living wage rate across the UK outside London where most Amazon's warehouses are located" its 'publishers' said, following a statement from Amazon that said "in the UK, permanent associates start at a minimum of £7.10 per hour increasing to a median of £8.00 per hour after 24 months".

The stunt by Amazon Anonymous was quickly stopped by Amazon, but not before it was screengrabbed and shared widely on social media.