There are two free slots in the Xbox 360's Indie Games Summer Uprising ten-strong selection, and visitors to its Facebook page can vote on their favorite contenders.

Voting runs until August 15, and the winners will complete a line-up of low-priced downloadable wonders.

Some of the nominees, such as AvaGlide 2, Blocks That Matter, Platformance: Temple Death and TIC: Part 1 already have a strong reputation due to prior releases in one form or another.

Others, like cute dungeon explorer Blossom Tales, Kazz.Ed's Tetris with a twist, or City Tuesday's post-911 spin on Groundhog Day, rely on innovation and smart presentation.

Games on the Xbox 360's Indie channel usually go for 80 MS Points - $1, €0.93 or 68p - similar pricing to that of the App Store.

Sony has a line of PSN Minis for the PS3 and PSP, and Nintendo operates the Wii Shop, DSi Shop, and eShop with comparable aims.