Fastest growing Facebook games of the week: 'Treasure Isle' - next big thing?

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The latest game from Facebook game giants Zynga is the fastest growing for the second week running. The number of Facebook users actively playing Treasure Isle tripled over the last week, giving it a following of over 13 million.

That makes it the 11th most popular game on Facebook, overtaking established titles such as Bejeweled Blitz (10.5m), Farm Town (9.5m), and Happy Pets (9.3m), and beating similarly themed Happy Island (11.1m) and Island Paradise (6.6m).

Treasure Madness, thought to be a major inspiration for Treasure Isle, is itself just short of 2.5m regular players.

Elsewhere on this week's chart, Mall World is experiencing a growth spurt, as players try setting up their own fashion store in a shopping mall. It appears to be the first game from a software team known as 50 Cubes, and while it focuses on the fashion industry like Supermodel: The Game, which featured a few weeks ago, its pretensions are not so highbrow, with retail front and center.

Fish Friends is another aquarium game, this time from Playdom which is also behind Tiki Resort, Tiki Farm, and Social City. Kingdoms of Camelot is an interesting-looking medieval territory expansion game from Watercooler, whose previous endeavors have revolved around applications for sports fans.

Top ten fastest growing Facebook games, Friday April 16

1. Treasure Isle (13,362,624 = 9,038,218 / 209%)
2. Hotel City (8,279,624 = 3,999,223 / 93%)
3. Zoo Paradise (3,789,504 = 770,738 / 26%)
4. Bubble Island (5,731,203 = 611,897 / 12%)
5. Mall World (786,290 = 589,927 / 300%)
6. Tiki Resort (5,216,790 = 582,905 / 12%)
7. Fish Friends (693,957 = 420,704 / 154%)
8. PetVille (21,652,601 = 236,635 / 1%)
9. Kingdoms of Camelot (1,717,718 = 212,722 / 14%)
10. Akinator (646,293 = 209,466 / 48%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total monthly users, the increase in monthly users, and the weekly percentage growth.