A look at the favorite paid applications in the Chrome Web Store as recorded on January 31.

1. SparkChess
SparkChess is an online chess game that features three different levels of difficulty. The game is designed for "casual" players (not experts or tournament players) and features six "savegame" slots, unlimited undo and offline play.
Price: in-app payment

2. LucidChart - Collaborative Diagramming
LucidChart is a visual collaboration tool for people who want to easily create and edit diagrams. Multiple users can work on one document at the same time using the HTML5-based software and there are hundreds of already-existing templates and examples to help you get started.
Price: in-app payment (free and paid subscriptions)

3. Rdio
Rdio is a social music app and subscription service for music lovers in the US and Canada. It lets you find and play the music you enjoy listening to while sharing and discovering new songs with friends and other Rdio members that share a similar taste in music.
Price: in-app subscription from $4.99 per-month

4. Lady Popular
Lady Popular is a virtual world for girls. Players create an avatar by selecting its eye color, skin color, facial features, and makeup and then hit the malls to try on (and buy) thousands of different outfits. Not happy with your avatar's current look? Send them to the beautician, hairdresser or make a drastic change with some plastic surgery.
Price: in-app payment

5. Smartsheet Project Management
Smartsheet Project Management is a productivity tool that can be used hand in hand with Google's Apps. The online project management tool provides users with additional spreadsheet features such as Gantt charts, sub-tasks, embedded attachments and built-in discussions.
Price: in-app payment (free trial and paid subscriptions starting from $9.95 per month)