Apple's latest pocket miracle is facing some serious competition. But how do the rivals really compare?

Apple iPhone 3G (S)

Price: $ 299 (US only, UK price to be announced by O2 today)

Screen size: 3.5"

Resolution: 320x480 160dpi LCD

Camera: 3MP

Flash: No flash

Bluetooth: Yes

Web browser: Yes

Style: Candy bar

Storage: 32 GB

Applications: 35 000+

Keyboard: Software keyboard

Music: Flash MP3 player

Talk time: 5hrs on 3G, 12hrs on G

What the reviewers say: "It adds a number of major improvements and many fine-tunings to the already-impressive phone. With these changes, the iPhone 3G (S) stands poised to be as big a hit as the iPhone 3G – if not an even bigger success." Sam Costello,

Palm Pre

Price: $199 (US only)

Screen size: 3.1"

Resolution: 320x480 LCD

Camera: 3MP

Flash: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Web browser: Yes

Style: Slider

Storage: 8GB

Applications: 12

Keyboard: Yes

Music: Music player

Talk time: 4hrs, 45 mins

What the reviewers say: "An important step in the evolution of mobile computing. Just like the iPhone's notches up the ladder, and the [Google] G1's contributions, the Pre moves the game forward in a very real way."

HTC Magic handset, Google Phone

Price: From £30 per month

Screen size: 3.2"

Resolution: 320x 480 pixels LCD

Camera: 3.MP

Flash: No

Bluetooth: Yes (voice only)

Web browser: Yes

Style: Candy bar

Storage: 3GB

Applications: 1000s

Keyboard: Software keyboard

Music: MP3 player

Talk time: 7hrs, 30mins

What the reviewers say: "A genuine iThrone contender, as it offers something very different but equally as compelling as the iPhone, and for all the people that simply don't want Apple's device they would find a lot to love here, especially with all the applications on show."