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The Drums may be a guitarist down after the departure of Adam Kessler, but it hasn’t stopped them putting out a video for their next single, “Me and the Moon”. Frontman Jonathan Pierce continues his oddball dance moves, while drummer Connor Hadwick is replaced – temporarily – by a snare-slapping brunette. Check it out here:


It ignites critics and inspires fervour from fans. But what’s it like to do a juice cleanse? For those of you who don’t know that’s drinking nothing but a few bottles of juice for days on end to lose weight. Here New York Times writer Judith Newman recounts her experience of the detox beloved by Hollywood in hilarious style.


In 2001, after an American reconnaissance plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet, it was suspected that China had reverse-engineered the plane’s top secret operating system. Mastering it would have given China a road map for decrypting the US Navy’s classified intelligence and operational data. The New Yorker asks if we should we be worried about a cyber war?


After James Cameron’s record breaking Avatar, all eyes are on him to see where he takes 3D film next. The trailer for Sanctum has just been released, which sees Cameron producing again. It follows an underwater cave diving group who, as you've come to expect in a Cameron film, get into a spot of bother.


This is funny...and apparently very real. Angry with his local laundry service for making his sparkling new white shirt go yellow, John Lennon sent this letter to complain about their service. The best bit is surely when he defends Yoko Ono’s honour, insisting that she doesn’t sweat.


The Thames is to be transformed into a giant canvass for contemporary art this winter when Drift 10 kicks off on fireworks night. With everything from LED installations to moving walls of graffiti art, the third annual festival is sure to be spectacular. Check out a preview of what’s on offer here:


The INFORM network is known for its videos exploring the environmental impact of everyday products. They’ve previously made films about mobile phones and paper, and now they’ve turned their unerring glare on the meat industry. This sh0ort film explores the impact of our obsession with meat.