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Once again the Big Picture section of the 'Boston Globe' steps up to bring us some of the most remarkable photographs of the week. This gallery of images taken by AP photographer Charlie Riedel shows the plight of seabirds caught in the oil slick on a beach on Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island. The images are startling and upsetting.


Still not quite sure what the point of Twitter is? YouTube regular, Some Grey Bloke, will helpfully (and amusingly) arm you with further luddite ammunition: Twitter, he reasons, is just "a means by which you can be ignored by celebrities in real time." Perhaps he'll demonstrate by ignoring all messages directed at @somegreybloke.


Anyone who thought Animal from 'The Muppet Show' represented the acme of feral rock-out drumming,

think again. A tub-thumper in a sparkly yellow jacket playing with Rich K and the Allnighters shows us how it's done in Texas. Skip to 40 seconds to see him in all his stick-twirling, head-banging glory.


Who will walk away with glory and the golden trophy is anybody's guess but there are some things we can be sure will happen at the World Cup. Goalkeepers will complain about the balls, someone will cry and it won't be England's fault when they're knocked out. Bleacher Report lists 10 things to look out for.


It's testament to the safety features of the modern racing car that British Indycar driver Mike Conway survived this horrendous crash at last week's Indy 500 with only a broken leg. His car, which goes airborne before striking a fencing post and disintegrating into a shower of metal, did not fare so well.


This brand new site from, the movement behind the "I'm not a plastic bag" campaign, uses Google Maps as a template for users to virtually pin photos from history – and the stories behind them – the today's landscape. If it takes off, HistoryPin could be a fascinating and valuable resource.


At turns tear-jerking and wryly amusing, this account of a New York dining institution stuck in a time warp is sad and sweet. Gino, which opened in 1945 on Lexington Avenue, barely changed its decor or its menu for the last six decades but sadly closed its doors for the final time last month. It's the end of an era.