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Mad Men’s stylish protagonist, Don Draper, is often a man of few words but one word he likes to use often is simply “what”. Under Draper’s inflection the word becomes a question, a statement, and more often than not, a thinly-veiled insult. Watch this fabulous montage of Draper merely saying “what?”.


It is notoriously difficult to become a published author but 25 new writers will have the chance thanks to a short story competition from this new online writing community. The lucky few will be put together in an ebook to be sold all over the world, with all profits going to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. You can enter here:


Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have made some questionable movie choices as of late, but can their new film (Just Go With It) redeem them? The pair star in this new romantic comedy filled with the usual deceit, missed opportunities and misunderstanding that the genre is known for. Check out the trailer here:


From 1994 to 2002 the number of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder increased 40-fold but many experts still debate whether the use of “bipolar disorder” is appropriate and the evidence behind drug treatment for the condition in children is “extremely limited.” Slate investigates a medical gray area.


A laboratory wouldn’t necessarily seem a promising subject for a photographic series. But over the last century, the discoveries made in labs have changed the way we live. In recognition of this, Time magazine has created a photo series celebrating life inside the scientist’s lair. Check it out here:


The photographer Ryan McGinley is known for his provocative images. Whether he’s shooting naked girls on the streets of New York or boys in subterranean caves, his stark images are always compelling. His new work, Life Adjustment Center, is something of a departure though, as his nudes are posing with wild animals.


After the Democrats’ dismal showing at last week’s midterms, the face of American politics will radically alter. One of the biggest changes will be the loss of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who loses her job now Congress is Republican. Here Eugene Robinson profiles Pelosi for the The Washington Post.