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Here’s an opportunity to make a little more sense of the mysterious world of Marilyn Monroe. A sensational archive of the actress’s writing, poetry, diaries and letters, is to be published. The poetry might be that of an amateur, but nonetheless it acts as a fascinating look into the mind of one of the 20th century’s most-elusive icons:


Julie Taymor’s film adaptation of The Tempest stars Helen Mirren, Russell Brand, Ben Whishaw and Chris Cooper and looks set to be a particularly vivid, epic and wild version of Shakespeare’s beloved play. Released in December by Disney and Miramax, you can now watch the trailer online:


Anna Davies got her first big break by writing about sex and losing her virginity for an American teen magazine. Unfortunately, that’s all editors and publishers want her to write about now and she is in need of a change of tone. Read her funny, honest piece about breaking the mould on Salon:


What happens if you open up a Paris flat which has remained untouched for 70 years? Well, you uncover a treasure trove. Behind the door, under a thick layer of dust, lies a hoard of turn-of-the-century objects, including a painting by the 19th-century Italian artist Giovanni Boldini. A sweet story:


The United States is increasingly economically divided. In new research from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, much of the growing inequality is linked to the country’s burgeoning prison population. So why does the US imprison more than any other country and why is this having such a far-reaching effect?


Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is given the Terry Richardson treatment in this fashion shoot for the American edition of Harpers Bizarre. The results may not to be to everyone’s tastes – fashion photographer Richardson is a controversial figure – but there’s no denying Hendricks’ bombshell status:


What happens if your name is Justin Bieber but you’re not the Justin Bieber? Restaurant reservations may be easier, flights may be upgraded, but social networking can get difficult. Just ask this Florida resident, whose Facebook account was closed when authorities suspected it of being a hoax: