Digital Digest: 13/06/2011

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Danger money

After Ben (Colin Hanks) wins $36m in the lottery, Lucy marries him, strictly for the cash. Just as she's beginning to have genuine feelings for him, however, Lucy discovers that he's a serial killer whose victims all resemble her. Watch the trailer for the intriguing new indie comedy Lucky here:


A hole lot of trouble

Mind your step. Swedish artist Erik Johansson has created an amazing optical illusion in the centre of a Stockholm shopping district making it look as ifa giant hole has opened up in the middle of the main city square, measuring 32m x 18m. Watch this video of a man goofing around on it.


Rules of office attire

When summer hits and the temperature rises, it's tempting to go to the office dressed as if you're going to the beach. But how far is it acceptable to go? In this piece for Slate, Simon Doonan gives us some amusing guidelines for appropriate summer office attire. Check them out here:

Health And Safety

Highway hair-raisers

It may be set in New York, but this video is worth a watch no matter where you live. Definitely not your average Public Service Announcement, it's depiction of the hair-raising dangers faced by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in busy cities is both eye-opening and unexpectedly gripping.


Cold pantry essentials

We're always being told which spices and herbs to stock up on – but what about relishes, pickles and sauces? Our so-called "cold pantry", the stuff we keep in the fridge for weeks at a time, is just as important as our store cupboard. Here Serious Eats examines what makes a good one.


A history of acne

Acne has plagued teenagers for centuries. As Dr Hugo Schwyzer points out: "Teen girls in the 19th century didn't worry about their weight; they never wrote in their diaries about how much they hated they thighs or hips... But they did worry about their complexion." He traces the social history of acne.


The First rebel in chief

Is Michelle Obama really a rebel? Newsweek thinks so. She "refuses to be a political show pony or schmooze with Washington's elite" and "has her own sense of where her energies should be deployed". But that's all likely to change in the run up to Election 2012.